Digital & Social Media Expert

Kapil is one of the few real experts in digital and social media in India. He thinks, lives and breathes social. His ability to create stories for the brands and think out of the box is what has helped him transform digital presence across numerous domains over the years. Whether it is social media for a large brand looking for engagement, a startup looking to create a brand or a cause looking for advocacy or funding, Kapil has succeeded in them all. Kapil is a regular speaker on social media and its effectiveness. Kapil also runs a program for school and college students focused on "helping students create their personal brand and get better placements using social media" as well as "cyber bullying, privacy and security".  

Call to boycott Cleartrip!

PR and the Buzz about Cleartrip   Cleartrip's recent firing of BuzzPR is definitely justified; a PR agency misusing the data is abominable. Having said that, using this to get cheap publicity with their customers by telling them 'how much they care' is just as sad. As an agency, I am very disappointed by Cleartrip's actions. This Kejriwal like "Expose" needs to end. I am sure the PR agency will have sufficient examples of when the brand would have hidden something and would have sought the support from the same PR agency. Does that mean that the PR agency should now go out and ex... Read More