I am Hiring!

I am Hiring!

This isn’t a normal job post, coz I don’t want to hire normal people. This isn’t another employee that I want for OMLogic. This is me hiring someone who will get to work directly with me on OMLogic Business Development, marketing, wacky projects, skunk research work; anything and everything exciting and interesting digital has to offer.

My criterion for hiring:
1. The person should work with a smile. I can’t tolerate much less work with frowning faces
2. The person should be a YES to work, always. If an opportunity comes, first explore with a Yes and eventually come to a No if its not good. Have a positive outlook
3. Forever progressive, looking to grow fast in their career. Much faster than the peers
4. Basic knowledge of digital media is a must. Rest you will learn by experience
5. The person should have more than half a brain. No one has a full brain, but more than half is a must
6. Must have a wild streak to them

Potential roles (to be given to people based on their interests / alignments / capabilities):

  • Responsible for OMLogic marketing (including various initiatives it runs)
  • Responsible for OMLogic Business Development
  • Executive assistant for the CEO

For those who have worked with me or around me over the years, you know the role will be extremely demanding. Anyone who has been in this role to-date has grown and grown.

What I can promise to whoever joins:

  • Never a dull moment
  • Mentoring, coaching and learning like nowhere else
  • Full understanding of the industry, business and the approach to how everything works
  • I have a personal commitment towards people who work for me and that ensures you are fully taken care of in all respects

Salary: Minimal
Please note I am creating a full new team for me and need senior, mid-level and junior people. The structures will be formed based on who comes first.
Become a face to reckon with in the Indian digital industry in a couple of years. Connect with me!