Health & Fitness Freak

From someone who showed as obese on all scales to someone who is super fit, a gym rat and a fitness freak, Kapil started his fitness regime at the age of 36. ​Kapil is now also a cycling enthusiast and thinks he can model in a before-after story for a health / nutrition / fitness / waist-loss brand. ​You can contact him here for inspiration.

Join us in DLIN SearchCycle 2013!

As a kid growing up in rather humble surroundings in Delhi, we never had the place to keep a bicycle. I always lived knowing I can't ride a bike. But then came 2012. January started with OMLogic working on two bicycle brands as social media partners and continued with me buying a 5-gear bicycle. It has put the bicycle in the forefront of my life for now. And now, with 2013, I am extremely proud to associate with DLIN SearchCycle 2013, a biking event for the search engine community. Gillian Muessig (@SEOmom), President & co-founder of SEOMoz and one of the best known personalities... Read More