Thinker & Innovator

Whether it is coming up with innovative technological solutions for complex problems or innovative solutions for societal issues, Kapil is a thinker and innovator who not only thinks and writes but puts them in practice.  Kapil believes that those who can, have an obligation towards those who can't. While believing in this, Kapil is strongly against reservation or subsidies. For him, meritocracy and equality is the theme devoid of any politics or bias. While agencies usually implement available tools and solutions for various customer problems, Kapil thinks out-of-the-box platforms.

Independence – Its not so great!

Independence –  Its not so great!

It is our 70th independence day. I can’t even imagine what the life or world was 70 years back. Of course, I wasn’t there. I can’t imagine what emergency was like, of course I wasn’t there. But I can’t even imagine what life was 20 years back though I was there. It was a different world, I was a different age, everything had a different meaning. What is independence? The more I keep thinking about it, the more it hits me. Is independence necessarily a great thing? Are we as humans born to be independent with no boundaries and nothing governing us? What does independence mean and w... Read More