Thinker & Innovator

Whether it is coming up with innovative technological solutions for complex problems or innovative solutions for societal issues, Kapil is a thinker and innovator who not only thinks and writes but puts them in practice.  Kapil believes that those who can, have an obligation towards those who can't. While believing in this, Kapil is strongly against reservation or subsidies. For him, meritocracy and equality is the theme devoid of any politics or bias. While agencies usually implement available tools and solutions for various customer problems, Kapil thinks out-of-the-box platforms.

Men’s Day 2013. I want it now. Period.

I just want to receive wishes. Gifts wouldn’t hurt. I want an International Men’s Day. There, I said it. I am just envious of the attention that women seem to enjoy at virtual all these “days”. There’s Raksha Bandhan, Bhaiya Dooj, Mother’s Day and Women’s Day. Father’s Day, you said? It is me, the Man who is NOT in a power of position in this day and age. I once had a chance to be a part of a “multi-cultural” seminar in USA.  The purpose of the seminar was to bring together people from various cultures. Attending the event were Asians, Indians, African-Americans,... Read More