Entrepreneur & CEO

Kapil has a knack of making things simple and that's what makes ​him a great entrepreneur. He believes you have got to be crazy to be an entrepreneur. It is perhaps the most frustrating of tasks, utterly thankless and always chaotic! Per him, a CEO ought to be a people's person. Someone who thrives on helping people grow. Someone whose base role is to make themselves replaceable as early as possible and pick-up newer growth avenues for themselves and the company. He is popular as someone who means business when he does business but a true prankster when he is not. Kapil enjoys sleepless nights and crazy work hours and over years, he has mentored numerous people at and outside OMLogic and has helped them grow. Coming from a very humble background, Kapil has created OMLogic as one of most premium digital communications agency without raising a single penny from anywhere. His has been a true entrepreneurial journey.

Another Blog.. Why? Why? Why?

I have been running a social media agency for years now, and have shied away from starting a blog of my own.. Weird, right!! Well, come to think of it, not so weird. Everybody in the social media industry seems to want to right, some prolific great writers, and others just like to hear themselves (read in this case).. :-) No need to start another one of the self-fulfilling kinds.. I have started this blog with an intention of making this a diary of my experiences, and share those with my readers. I will love to hear feedback, so feel free to shoot if you want..... Read More