Digital & Social Media Expert

Kapil is one of the few real experts in digital and social media in India. He thinks, lives and breathes social. His ability to create stories for the brands and think out of the box is what has helped him transform digital presence across numerous domains over the years. Whether it is social media for a large brand looking for engagement, a startup looking to create a brand or a cause looking for advocacy or funding, Kapil has succeeded in them all. Kapil is a regular speaker on social media and its effectiveness. Kapil also runs a program for school and college students focused on "helping students create their personal brand and get better placements using social media" as well as "cyber bullying, privacy and security".  

If It’s about Facebook and Twitter, We Are All Doomed

7 years back when I founded OMLogic, online business was ruled by two major elements – keywords and technology but I was careful not to fall in this trap. I categorically placed the element of ‘communications’ while making the business and strategy plan. This step also led to the naam-karan of the company – OMLogic, bringing logic to online marketing. Soon enough we had a team who believed the same and we continued weaving the communications part in the brands’ online approach until one day, we saw that the others were doing the same (which essentially meant that everyone was doin... Read More