Digital & Social Media Expert

Kapil is one of the few real experts in digital and social media in India. He thinks, lives and breathes social. His ability to create stories for the brands and think out of the box is what has helped him transform digital presence across numerous domains over the years. Whether it is social media for a large brand looking for engagement, a startup looking to create a brand or a cause looking for advocacy or funding, Kapil has succeeded in them all. Kapil is a regular speaker on social media and its effectiveness. Kapil also runs a program for school and college students focused on "helping students create their personal brand and get better placements using social media" as well as "cyber bullying, privacy and security".  

What you say is what you shall reap

The mistakes that brands and agencies make on social media have been talked about a lot. The problem here is not that agencies or brands lack something like a structure to deal with such mistakes; it is more to do with knowing what needs to be done in some unforeseen and undesired situations. Social media is a place where the brands and services are most exposed to both appreciation and flak alike. The last thing one can do on social media is to remove negative comments on their pages and especially if you are a brand like Starbucks and have disgruntled customers talking about you. If the... Read More